The Holy Spirit helped me change

When I was at my lowest state of mind and spirit, not only feeling no one understood but no one was there to really talk to. I had given myself a good cry. When I remembered my mother telling me prayer is just communicating your feelings, your emotions to God, revealing your inner self to the Heavenly Father, confessing. At the time I knew of God but wasn’t intimate with Him. I cried out that night, letting Him know, letting Him in on all the sadness, all the hurt, all the betrayal I was going through deep in my soul, deep in my heart. Surrendering all I was going through, feeling helpless, helpless to control any emotion everything in my gut just came out. That inner self that only you and Him know. In asking for direction and guidance with deep felt tears in my eyes, ‘where do I go from here?, how do I pick up the pieces?’

When I had spent myself, a profound and powerful joy overwhelmed me as I was confessing all, a release of all my tightly held emotions poured out of me. That exhausted feeling leaving me. I felt a powerful assurance that whatever I was going through would not be for long and would be for the better of me and/or those around me. It’s as though He was telling me we will go through this together, just don’t let go. This calmness overcame my broken spirit, and the clarity of knowing I wasn’t alone is powerful medicine for my soul.

It made me search Him for a deeper understanding, in prayer, just talking to Him one on one from the heart, not a repetition of words. And through His inspired word I was able to truly understand Him taking my burden and giving me His peace. God wants a personal relationship with us, not a superficial one.

It made me want to know more about the wonderful gift His love offers. The love He gives each of us. And the love He gave me personally, by taking me out of the abyss I was in. I asked Him to come into my heart, to help me to truly come to know Him. I asked/ask for wisdom and discernment in reading His inspired word, let it talk to me, not me reading more in it then it said. The Bible interprets itself, but you have to search its hidden treasures. In knowing the good the bad and the ugly and growing from that, not being caught up in the negative but learning from it. Life is a challenge, no one said it would be easy including our Lord.

As the years go by the secular world we live in does lure you in from time to time (for we’re only human), and the intensity of that powerful joy dissipates a bit. But keeping focus on things above, on the beauty around us, in knowing more about Him through the person who opened the door for us – Jesus Christ; from beginning to end Their Spirit, The Comforter continues renewing us daily. Jesus makes it possible to be one with the Father. His Spirit is our gift He gave us to never feel youre alone, ever.

God speaks through different venues and to each of us in different ways, spiritual music, books, inspirational people, a biblical based church, a child’s smile, the list is endless if you chose to believe. There are so many other uplifting messages if we take the time to listen, to see the beauty in creation. God provides the method when we’re open to receive it and this keeps us grounded and always looking up in the hardest of situations, times we might/will face. The intensity of the Holy Spirit are in the good fruits we bear and the love the Father has for us in paying it forward, makes you want to share the good news…

Makes you want everyone to experience this wonderful assurance of love everlasting.

A change of direction in your life happens, from an unbelieving and rebellious one to a place of acceptance and trust. You come out of the ashes of pain a better person by giving it to Christ who tells us to give Him our burdens and pain. He will give us peace in our souls. And even though we might backslide at times, step away from His side, He is still there urging us to confess our mistakes. With a sincere heart not to offend again, He forgives us. We’re all a work in progress, we all still struggle living in a planet that’s been cursed. We must realize our weaknesses and have the Lord help us to overcome them, to become stronger through Him, with Him, for Him. His will, His Spirit in us. Together. God is always with us, through His Spirit we are one (born again).

The Comforter as Jesus told us will lead us to all understanding, to a peaceful place in our heart and mind even in the mist of chaos. Jesus told us He would never leave us! Just hold on a little longer till His return. Telling us to endure. We all come to a fork in the road — the well travel one and the least. It’s an individual choice each individual must make on their own. We all sometimes feel He’s not listening but it isn’t true, He’s always there. He works in His timetable not our own, what we think might be good for us at the present isn’t in the long run. Our Heavenly Father knows best. I’ve come to trust Him.

The Holy Spirit is the dividing force, the power of God working in us in changing our carnal mind (our rebellion) to a spiritual connection with the Father, IF you let Him into your heart (it begins there). The Holy Spirit opens our mind to the marvels of God, to His truth, you see things differently. The world takes these truths and distorts it, changes it, eliminates them so we become sheeple not truly free individuals. God’s law exposes this, exposes sin. The Holy Spirit changes you from the inside, the core of your being, your heart, melting it to receive His joy. Love is the greatest gift! And the most precious gift of the Spirit, not a spirit of fear or hatred, but of power and sound mind that we can call out ‘Abba, Father’! And He hears us.
Everyday is a challenge, He’s not finish with me yet. Everyday I ask Jesus to come into my heart, and abide in me that I may produce the fruit of His Spirit and shine His light not my own, brighter for His glory. It’s a personal journey we each take, with some bumps along the way by our own making, side tracking or others interfering. Don’t let the bumps discourage you but confront them head on and move on with the Comforter to help you along the way. For the journey is well taking it leads to the gates of heaven. And the Holy Spirit living in us is our guide. Looking forward to going home.

God bless us all in realizing how precious we are in His eyes that we are called His children for a reason. We  have a purpose to this present life and its to share His vision of everlasting love. All we have to do is let Him into our hearts and trust His guidance.

Thank you, Heavenly Father for your immense love and forgiveness. Thank you Jesus for burying my sins and putting your cloak of righteousness on me. Thank you Holy Spirit for your guidance and help in preparing me to go home. In Christ, I pray with thanksgiving, worship and praise, Amen. May the Father also bless you in seeing that YOU are NOT alone.


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