Deceptive war

There’s a deceptive war on humanity going on and has been happening for some time now. It’s gaining momentum the closer we get to Jesus’ advent. The father of lies is continuing his quest to deceive and conquer all things pertaining to God the Father and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. It seems easier to tell a lie than the truth of anything these days and in some cases to distinguish truth altogether. The tickling of the ear is preferable than truth of the Gospel, truth of where society is heading physically and spiritually if it continues this path… Just as Scriptures’ foretold many centuries ago. We have a choice on who we follow, choose to live in a world of self or a world of helping others, of decency and love or hatred and strife, of righteous living or debauchery, of believing in a higher power, God Almighty or not. It’s a choice every individual makes on a daily basis throughout one’s lifespan. Do you believe the universe was creative by the hand of an Omnipotent Being or just came to existence out of nothing, is there a purpose to our lives..?.. There is and all will be revealed at its appointed time. Because of our iniquities we lost our way …
At the end of our lives it comes down to one’s standard of living whether good or bad. It’s the ethics one lives by and is governed by, the morals one demonstrates each and every day. The times are getting critical to know in whom one believes in, put trust in… whether person, system or Higher Authority. Honesty and compassion in all our dealings, transactions, relationships needs to be forthright in our lives, with faith the Good Lord helps us make rational decisions without it we go astray, hurting ourselves and others in the long run. There are choices that are made. We can not afford to be cavalier or lukewarm, it gains us nothing but indecisiveness and eternal damnation. One is either for or against and what your heart tells you shows your inner cord of who you are. The God of Heaven and earth IS watching the affairs of men. Let’s not be like the Pharaohs and scribes of old who thought themselves greater than the God of Heaven, or/and ordinary people who do the labor, deceiving the masses and themselves in believing in a system that ultimately collapses within itself for its not based on truth and freedom but on servitude and lies. There will be a Judgment Day where everyone is accounted for their actions, what they did throughout their lifetime. Everyone will either be paying a heavy price or rewarded when everything is revealed at the close of time, nothing will remain secret. All the books will be open on how each of us conducted his/her life, nothing will be hidden on Judgment Day. Will you be ready for the scrutiny of every inch of you that will be revealed..?.. One either believes in God and His mercy and His Son Jesus Christ who took our iniquities upon Himself and washed us clean with confession and repentance, giving us a clean slate of living well or living dangerously in not believing or confessing, thereby not repenting and carrying your faults with you to that Day. It’s a choice. There are two camps, doing what’s right or not. Obeying ten commandments God laid out that encompasses our lives or not. There is hope in believing someone Greater than us, has our backs. Then just living to die. Then believing in lies. Death is real, Heaven is real! at the end of our journey if you’re not with Christ your with His adversary. That is the truth whether you want to believe it or not. Throughout the centuries the adversary has hidden the golden nugget of truth, found in the only Book that has survived time. The law tells us our faults. Yet, the forgiveness that comes from God is in the Son, Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection is our hope.. Jesus is our way home, the truth of… life… We, as individuals have to be made aware of our person and our surroundings, of who we are and of where we are in God’s timeline. There’s no time limits for God, a day is a thousand years as a thousand years is a day (2Pet.3:8). But there will be a time when He says its enough. Humanity’s sin has put a time limitation on our lives. “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Rom. 6:23).
A choice. Let’s not kid ourselves we’re in the latter days of this world’s existence. The timeline for man is coming to a close we cannot continue this disharmony in the scheme of creation. Powers that be are orchestrating their hatred in every nook and cranny of society. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to see we’re being pitted against one another, of how the world is turning darker. Our hearts are growing cold in many facets of life, cold in getting involve in helping or in contributing our time to help our neighbor/brother for fear of retribution of any kind, in indulging in self instead of helping those in need, in speaking out for truth not hiding behind or accepting lies, in doing things in secret than out in the open. It’s time to stand for what one believes in, in the sanctity of a loving Sovereign, that belief carries you through to being in a loving place, in doing right by others and yourself but if not, think again what you believe in, in what you do for it carries a heavy burden and leads to ruin/death, its your choice. Jesus taught us to love God above everything else and life will be more abundant, to love our neighbor like we love ourselves. Are we really doing that..? I don’t think so or the world wouldn’t be in such a disarray. The majority of people make mockery of it all and degrade the people who stand for the Gospel. The reason: because their sins are exposed in the light not kept hidden. Not realizing their own guilt accuses them.Everything has changed, good is bad and bad/evil is good. The times are becoming like the days of Noah, where no one believed him till it was too late. Where people cared only of themselves and their pleasures not whats good for them, what truly matters. We look around and see nothing but chaos, instability and death on a global scale, whether man-made or nature-made. Instead of being prepared for anything we find ourselves at a lost when tragedy happens. Instead of seeing the good, we wallow in the negative. Instead of picking ourselves up and try again,  we throw the towel down. What is it going to take to wake ourselves up.The system that’s in place is the spirit of negativity, lies and clearly not working for our good. The powers that be are under that influence, letting it happen in many cases  or enhance the mess we’re in. No real solutions can be implemented without someone objecting to them in some form or fashion, no real change for the good truly happens and so nothing is done or too little too late.
That with a little foresight of being prepared, of knowing to trust the Creator of our lives, trust the Word, his Word would have helped/would help ride the storm of this present state we’re in giving us inner peace and safety no matter what happens. It’s a supernatural war we’re in. Our own spirit battling with good and evil within us. God helps us, it’s a partnership and trust, to let go of self and trust His lead in whatever walk of life we find ourselves in, with truth and honesty of person. Our mannerism, how we conduct our life is a testimony of who we are. Change is possible with repentance and prayer. God forgives and helps us grow in love for Him and our neighbor. Agape love, pure and simple with out the lies and viciousness. Jesus told many parables of being prepared. Yet, the father of lies is just too happy in the direction humanity is taking, in insinuating violence and hatred. His end is being accomplish, to scatter and confuse, to keep us busy with the physical, material things and not care in the bigger picture, our spirituality and where we go from here. There is a purpose to our lives, then living to die.
We all need to find out what’s truly in our hearts, does it tend to do evil or good..?..(those are the two choices) we need to find out what’s happening around us that makes us tick in a positive or negative way, it’s not just physically but spiritually. See with our eyes and gut not with emotions only. Emotions can betray us, our hearts tells us our true nature. Change is possible and it starts with being right with God, humbly asking for His help we can’t do it alone, there are powers that be that don’t want us in His camp. Having a one on one relationship with the Father of our lives, by getting to know Him, reading His inspired word daily it will strengthen our relationship, convict our resolves and give us inner peace to stand the storm of this present life, this time. Everything is in His manual tells us what’s in store for both believers and non. He tells us whats to happen before it comes so when it happens we believe, these are prophecies that have come and coming to light, history past present future. Know the seasons (of time). As well as keeping inform with the news, ‘fact checking’ what’s told, understanding history in relations to bible prophecies (foretold prior to it happening, centuries ago). Learning from history for it is repeating itself, seeing the patterns emerging so we are not caught unaware. Praying for discernment and wisdom at every opportunity. Wisdom to know what to do and when to, in love for God above all things, man our neighbor/brother/friend, ourselves. Everyone is capable of choosing to do good or not, to accept or not.  No one is immune to the lies, we’re living in a world destroyed by lies. Lies continue to fester, a white lie there, a omittance here is still not the truth. Are we so conditioned we can’t discern..?..
A lie perpetuates more lies and the cycle continues til we can’t tell what’s truth anymore. When a lie is told so many times one tends to believe it. Can we even go back to basic and know truth for its own sake..?.. Sure it hurts (at times) but it makes us grow and change our ways for the better. Even the father of evolution had doubts (that fact is hidden though because it doesn’t go with the objective of ‘No God’ created everything theory). Scriptures’ is the one that reveals itself through history, through archaeological finds, through time. There hidden nuggets of truth coming to light for people to be still in doubt. The Holy Scriptures is our manual, the only survival manual needed to conquer the apathy that surrounds us on a daily basis.
Sad to say we’ve lost our first love. Sad to say but the powers that be want to keeps us ignorant. The powers that be are control by power and money. It’s true when Scripture tells us ‘money is the root of all evil’, it corrupts. “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” (1Tim. 6:10).  We create our own demise by not doing our homework and being prepared with the Gospel of Truth. The media/journalism once a truth seeker is now supplying us with half-truths, supplying themselves and us with filler of their own opinions, keeping us busy with entertainment rather than facts of honesty, not investigating the whys, the whats, the whom about the stories they show but jumping to conclusions and making society ill rather than uplifting. Our elected officials and foreign dignitaries are no better, supplying our enemies and even our allies with these half-truths in the guise of ‘world peace and safety’, in the guise of ‘save the planet’, or ‘climate change’, all lies to perpetuate, manipulate situations to their outcome. One has to ask oneself what is the truth (of anything)..? from the bombardment of deceptions running rampant. A crime that the tickling of the ear is preferable then the reality we’re facing in our own backyard and globally. The one with the biggest pockets supplying the continuation of the fillers instead of truth. Where are the filters that seek truth? It’s all one-sided. Since we’ve taken God out of everything in our lives what’s left is an empty shell prime to be deceived. And so we live to die mentality, spiritually and eventually physically, never knowing our true purpose. Where is the hope in that?
It’s all happening to advance a global agenda. A Financial Adviser to FDR – Paul Warburg wrote, “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” Think about that, for its coming to fruition in one way or another in our lifetime. It’s here not in some distant future. The book of Revelation, the last book in the Holy Scriptures’ tells us this is the goal of the father of lies. The one in charge of all lies who works in the shadows of men who do his bidding for power and fame, who fools people into doing his demonic work, but it’s not called that, its staged to look good and appealing rather than what it truly is. Anything done in secret is not of the light of truth. All one has to do is look around to see something is not right with society as a whole. There’s a dark shadow hanging over us as a whole. It’s no longer just for money in the hearts of men that have money enough but for power/control. That is Satan’s game. Everyone is being used to some extent to further this purpose of chaos and destruction. Thinking, that out of it will emerge a greater utopia, let’s be serious, really.. the world is on the brink of major changes and not good ones either. How is this scenario lead to a higher utopia, a greater understanding..?.. And for whom?
The evil one knows his time is short and this time is his time (for a short period, God will allow the show to show the difference between good and evil). The Adversary has always wanted dominance, superiority and what better way than through God’s creation. He wants world dominance now and his minions are doing his bidding. As Scriptures’ warns about. When are we ever going to learn we wrestle not with man only but with principalities of an evil nature. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph. 6:12). It’s been happening since time began for us and has grown to where we are today and where we’re heading, if we don’t make a conscious decision to change from within with the one who shed His blood for us all. We’re caught in the middle of a greater controversy between Satan and God.
Lucifer chose to excommunicate himself with his importance, his conceit, are we to do the same? The choice is ours to make. God didn’t create Satan/evil. He created a light bearer, commander of all angelical beings till his breeches got the better of him, til his envy of God Himself and of us (the image of God) manipulated his decent. Evil was found in him. And we give him the right to continue with everything oppose act to God we make, oppose to our Heavenly Father’s order of things, His laws. Letting Lucifer who became Satan control us into disregarding/denying God’s very existence. Heck, he even likes people not believing in him. Yet he manifests himself in every evil act committed big or small.
There are two camps at play, one of love and truth, one of envy, hatred and discord. One that uplifts and one that destroys. One of life or death. Our choice. There are no gray area. Don’t kid yourself this evil entity hates ALL humanity, including those who do his bidding. Fools that think money can buy you love, truth and happiness that’s eternal. Better to store treasures in heaven… Satan knows he’s going to end up in the lake of fire, where do you think your going if you side with him..?.. This might be your idea of utopia but it ain’t mind. I rather believe in the Father of true love and harmony, who loved me enough to die for me while I was still a sinner. That through His shed blood I am cleanse, forgiven of all unrighteousness and helped not to continue in sin but follow the His path til He return.
May “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.” (2Co. 13:14) God bless.

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