‘Cast your cares on the Lord…’

19c33e66e36b3941e93502ceef459572--faith-in-god-faith-bibleGod cares! Loves us all so very much.

And wants all to come to repentance. There’s a place secure for those who love him while there’s judgment for those who do not. There’s those who will carry their own guilt, mistakes, sins with them and those who have buried theirs with Christ. He offers salvation and eternal life. Gifts for those who choose to accept Him as Lord of their life. He does not force anyone to accept but gives you the choice to do so or not.

Judgment day is coming and everyone is responsible for their own actions, everyone will have to give an account on their behavior. The wages of sin is death, the breaking of God’s laws; the ones He wrote (twice) on two stone tablets. His code of conduct. The law we must carry in our hearts along with the belief in Jesus Christ. This is what will secure your place in the heavens the keeping of His commandments and the belief in His Son.
The reason for a submerged baptism is to symbolize burying your sins. Acknowledging and knowing the Father forgives you, sees Jesus’ white robe on you, for Jesus is the one who gives you a clean slate. You come up from the water a new creation, under His care. He gives you His grace, His Spirit, to abide within His wings. Together maintaining the relationship that has started upon confession and repentance, trying to be more like Christ in behavior and mannerism, ever ready when the last trumpet sounds.
Because the books will be open and every person will have chosen their destiny by the time of His calling His people home. Jesus is coming as King and giving each person their deserve reward. Now is the acceptable hour to follow His lead not be caught unaware or off guard when He returns. We are not told the hour nor the day but we are told to be aware of the seasons and be prepared. The season is ripe, this life is changing rapidly and instead of getting closer to God, we have distant ourselves away. The great tribulation is almost upon us and we must be strong in our faith to combat the heavier onslaught that is yet to come. I believe we will be going through it, and those who believe will be protected. God will use believers to further His plan come what may, our mission is to endure and trust Him. Time and time again Jesus tells His disciples to endure all that is to come and they warn us to do the same. Enormous trials happened to them it will happen to us. In the face of hatred love always wins. If we are chosen to be Stephens so be it. Be prepared with God’s armor on. Jesus already won! Have this mindset in your heart.

Judgment is coming and in some ways already beginning. The earth itself is revolting with all these natural disasters happening everywhere. The evil one knows his time is running out and is causing chaos and destruction both in nature (for he is prince of the air) and within ourselves, if we let him. If you’re not within God’s grace, you’re influenced by the evil one’s manipulation, deception. Remember he comes as an angel of light then shows his true colors once he has a hold of your soul. Don’t let him take it! Don’t let temptation steal your heart away from truth of eternal life through – Christ. There’s good and evil and a choice must be made, one is either hot or cold there’s no in-between. The heart is a valuable organ keep it safe.

All of God’s laws have been trampled. Good is now bad and bad is now good. People are confused, and bewildered of what society is turning into to. God is removed from our halls of justice, our schools and even some churches. Paganism has been/is introduced in these places and we wonder why God’s grace has left us. Deception on every level is rampant, you don’t know what to believe anymore. History is being rewritten to appease this politically correct atmosphere which has destroyed our individuality, our self-worth, our self-esteem, our freedoms to be individuals responsible for our actions. History is unfortunately ugly sometimes, there are demon possessed individuals who want chaos and commit heinous crimes because their hearts were/are not in the right place. Pray for them. If we don’t learn from our mistakes we are bound to repeat them, for nothing is new under the sun, it just gets recycled, reinvented to fit the times. The evil one is very cunning yet, the power within us is stronger still.

Let’s get out of this vicious cycle and turn to our Heavenly Father in repentance of what we have done. Ask for help to not repeat them, strength to carry on His will in our life, discernment to know right from wrong. His Presence is in His Holy Spirit given to all who acknowledges Him in truth. Ever-moving forward in patience and in love for our fellow-man/woman, enduring what comes, carrying our crosses with His assurance that it will not last long, know where we’re going, for it ends well for those who trust Him.

A new dawn is coming, when He comes in all His Royal gala to gather His own and evil will be destroy by His radiance, the father of lies in chains and alone to contemplate his ultimate demise. God cares for each of us, forgives every crime even heinous ones against Him, ourselves and toward others when you turn your life around. He will bestow His Spirit to guide you. Your heart is what counts to God. Don’t be caught in the lies that to reach utopia through man’s own efforts, through lies and manipulations of every kind can be reached through death and destruction first. Look around to see it causes it not refurbishes it, it’s a false belief. And will only get worst for our hearts have grown cold. God is not about war but peace and unity, He’s not about hatred but everlasting LOVE. Unfortunately, this scenario must be played out so the world will know what evil is and gets a chance to see its ugliness and hopefully repent. God hears a repentant heart. But most will curse and blame God for their misery instead of asking Him to forgive them. Wait not, seek His love, seek forgiveness and change your life.

The answer is in a personal relationship with God, getting to know Him, reading His book that has survived time, adhering to its message and decrees of LOVE. Always in prayer in thanksgiving and in time of need. God answers prayer if its sincere and if its beneficial in the distant future. So the next time your prayer is not answered in the moment you ask, ask yourself what is the lesson to be learned from the situation you find yourself in. Sometimes the lesson is for someone else, you have to go through the process of patience. Jesus is our prime example. And patience is golden.

Faith in the truth of Yeshua/Jesus, who He is and what He’s done is at the core of our existence. We’re in this life for a purpose and unfortunately the life God had in mind has been altered. And it must play out so everyone in the universe is aware of the difference between good and evil. Something God never intended to happen but was aware it might in giving His creation freewill. There are trials and tribulations we will go through whether of our own making or not, God allows to make us stronger, lessons to learn from. And hopefully change our hearts to realize He’s right there to help us through them. He has not left us alone to fight evil alone. Evil has infused itself in our lives and only through Christ are we able to stand against it. We cannot do it alone for its not only with fellow-man we must deal with but with principalities (fallen angels) that want our demise for we have forgiveness and they forfeited theirs. They know their fate and they want us to join them. A strong faith helps us to deal with our struggles and calms us among the chaos around us, giving us an understanding, peace of mind, and a clear head to resolved our issues with His help. God does not give us more than we can handle. Keeping the communications open with Him, giving our hearts to Him eases our pain to face a new day. Pray for wisdom and understanding the times we’re in to not be caught out of what God has in store for each of us.

It’s a time to reflect one’s inner self and our beliefs. Yeshua’s arms are waiting for YOU. To those who believe in His saving grace and repent, He cleanses and puts on His robe of righteousness that leads to ever lasting life. To those who refuse to accept His free gift you have already sealed your fate for you refuse to believe. There are only two camps when everything is said and done believers and non-believers, the wheat and the tare. Think hard on which camp you’re going to stand with, for one brings life the other death. There are hard times that are coming and are already here that will test our faith, do not give up but strive to, pray to be in God’s grace, not only for yourself but for family, friends, people to also understand the seriousness of the times we are living in. Only through Christ can we safely make it home.

The New Jerusalem, city of LOVE is coming, not created by human hands but by God. You have the choice to be part of it or not. The truth is the evil one and his minions don’t want you to know YOU have the choice. So he distracts you with trinkets of every kind this world can offer to have you focus on everything except God and His kingdom. You either follow one or the other, you can’t follow both. You either have chosen to carry your sins to the judgment day, where the book of your history/your life is opened and up to scrutiny. What will it say about how you ran your life? Will it condemn you?  Or have you chosen to put your life at the foot of the cross and have Yeshua wipe the ugliness of you past/history off its pages..?.. And living a life fit for His kingdom, the choice is yours.

God cares He wants no one to perish but have everlasting life! Those who oppose righteousness the way He laid out in His manual, who oppose Him will not be happy in His Kingdom. He will not allow any discord of any kind to ever exist again, every tear and infirmity will be wiped away. True brotherly love will exist along with the earth that was in the beginning. Eden is within our reach, never lose hope. With Jesus we’re new created beings (our hearts are changed), and it starts here and NOW. Choose wisely for it is a matter of life or death both in the present and in the future

 What will happen once time runs out and Jesus returns is up to you to decide now.

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God bless each of us to realize how much He cares for each of us in whatever walk of life we find ourselves in, in whatever part of the world we find ourselves in, God LOVES you! He sent His only begotten Son with the good news.

my thanks to my picture source: https://www.pinterest.com and Proverbs31Ministries

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