September 1, 2017: Verse of the day

A profound reality check…

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img_164412–14 As the time approaches for Moses to take up the lead of the Israelites, he becomes concerned as to the identity of the companion God has promised him (32:34; 33:2). He believes that a mere angel is no substitute for the presence of God. “I know you by name” (v. 12) is tantamount to saying, “I have singled you out” or “I have chosen/selected you.” There are six uses of the verb yādaʿ (“to know, teach” in v. 13) in five verses (vv. 12–17). Moses asks the Lord for a demonstration of his love so that he might know and serve him better (v. 13). The Lord responds by promising, “My Presence [lit., ‘my face’] will go with you” (v. 14). With this new word the Lord reinstates the angel of his presence, in whom he has invested his “Name” (23:20–21), as the leader of Israel’s way to Canaan.

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