Food for thought: ‘We all need…’

20120827-152909 shed a few tears

“We all need a time to grieve

a quiet time or reflection

to sift through memories

and come to grips   

with what has happened.

We all need a time for tears

not for the one who is now

at peace in heaven,

but for ourselves as we realize

that things will never be the same.


We all need a time to just “be”.

When we can open ourselves to God

and let the reassurance

of His everlasting love

start to heal our broken hearts.”  

No truer words have I experienced…

A poem I found from an unknown author that spoke to my heart about my love one’s passing and how God’s infinite love covers our pain. ‘He is with us, always’…


Thank you for visiting 🙂 God bless


My thanks to & picture from: Paul Wilson’s little book of calm, (found pic on ) My gratitude to the duo Love & The Outcome, encourage you to visit them ;  YouTube.  And the Unknown Author. Shalom!


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