‘The reconciliation of the Jews and the pagans with each other And with God’

 The Holy Scriptures says it bestEphesians 2:11-22: Paul speaking;

 Do not forget, then, that there was a time when you who were pagans physically, (includes every generation, not just in Paul’s time), termed the Uncircumcised by those who speak of themselves as the Circumcision by reason of a physical operation, do not forget, I say, that you had no Christ (i.e. you had no Messiah), and were excluded from membership of Israel, aliens with no part in the covenants with their Promise; (the successive covenants made by God with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, etc. {Ex 19:1-5+Lv 26:42, 45; Ro 9:4 to name a few}), you were immersed in this world, without hope and without God (hope of a Messiah {Ep 1:12} and the pagans many gods except the One true God {1Co 8:5+} ). But now in Christ Jesus, you that used to be far apart from us have been brought very close, by the blood of Christ, (the crucifixion of Christ that brought together Jews and pagans and reconciled both with the Father). For He is the peace between us, and has made the two into one and broken down the barrier which used to keep them apart, actually destroying in His own person the hostility caused by the rules and decrees of the Law, (The Mosaic Law gave the Jews a privileged status and separated them from pagans. Jesus abolished this Law by fulfilling it once for all on the cross, Col 2:14+). This was to create one single New Man, (This New Man is the prototype of the new humanity that God recreated {2Co 5:17+} in  the person of Christ, the second Adam {1Co 15:45}, after killing the sinfully corrupt race of the first Adam in crucifixion {Ro 5:12; 8:3; 1Co 15:21}. This New Adam has been created in ‘the goodness and holiness of the truthEp 4:24, and He is unique because in Him the boundaries between any one group and the rest of the human race all disappear, Col 3:10 ; Ga 3:27in Himself out of the two of them and by restoring peace through the cross, to unite them both in a single Body, and reconciled them with God(This ‘single Body‘ is both the physical body of Jesus that was executed by crucifixion, {Col 1:22+}, and the Church or spiritual body of Christ in which, once they are reconciled, all the parts function in their own place, {1Co 12:12+). In His own person He killed the hostility. Later He came (through the apostles who in His name preached the Good News of salvation and peace), to bring the good news of peace, peace to you who were far away and peace to those who were near at hand. Through Him, both of us have in the one Spirit our way to come to the Father. (The one Spirit that gives life to the single body [of Christ who is One with His Church] is the Holy Spirit, who has changed the form of the body [Christ’s], now it has risen, and by doing so has come down on each of the parts {i.e. us all}. In other words through Christ’s resurrection, He gave us His spirit upon acceptance, repentance and conversion. We can come to the Father and be reconciled.)

So you are no longer aliens or foreign visitors: you are citizens like all the saints, and part of God’s household. You are part of a building that has the apostles and prophets for its foundations, and Christ Jesus Himself for its main cornerstone. As every structure is aligned on Him, all grow into one holy temple in the Lord; and you too, in Him, are being built into a house where God lives, in the Spirit.

John 4:24 NKJV  God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

Ephesians 3 – 4:21:

So I, Paul, a prisoner of Christ Jesus for the sake of you pagans… You have probably heard how I have been entrusted by God with the grace He meant for you, and that it was by a revelation (on his way to Damascus), that I was given the knowledge of the mystery, as I have just described it very shortly. If you read my words, you will have some idea of the depths that I see in the mystery of Christ. This mystery that has now been revealed through the Spirit to His holy apostles and prophets (The N.T prophets. The O.T. prophets had only an obscure and imperfect knowledge of the mystery of the Messiah {1P 1:10-12; Mt 13:17}. Only a few of His people had the knowledge of His birth and of the suffering Messiah, the rest expected a King, not a lowly carpenter who taught meekness.). This mystery that has now been revealed through the Spirit to His holy apostles and prophets was unknown to any men in past generations; it means that pagans now share the same inheritance, that they are parts of the same body, and that the same promise has been made to them, in Christ Jesus, through the gospel. I have been made the servant of that gospel by a gift of grace from God who gave it to me by His own power. I, who am less than the least of all the saints, have been entrusted with this special grace, not only of proclaiming to the pagans the infinite treasure of Christ but also of explaining how the mystery is to be dispensed. Through all the ages, this has been kept hidden in God, the creator of everything. Why? So that the Sovereignties and Powers should learn only now, (the evil spirit were unaware of God’s plan for salvation and so they persuaded human beings to crucify Christ, {1Co 2:8}; and it is only the existence of the Church [all who believe in Him] that makes them aware of it now, cf 1P 1:12) through the Church, how comprehensive God’s wisdom really is, exactly according to the plan which He had from all eternity in Christ Jesus our Lord. This is why we are bold enough to approach God in complete confidence, through our faith in Him; so, I beg you, never lose confidence just because of the trials that (we) I go through on your account: they are your (our) glory.

Paul’s prayer

This, then, is what I pray, kneeling before the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom every family, whether spiritual or natural (angels or human), takes its name:

Out of His infinite glory, may He give you the power through His Spirit for your hidden self to grow strong, so that Christ may live in your hearts through faith, and then, planted in love and built on love, you will with all the saints have strength to grasp the breadth and the length, the height and the depth, (Christ’s universal love); until, knowing the love of Christ, (This love for us that Christ proved by accepting death, Ep 5:2, 25; Ga 2:20 is identical with the love the Father has, Ep 2:47; 2Co 5:14,18-19; Ro 8:35, 3739. cf 1Co 13:1+) which is beyond all knowledge, you are filled with the utter fullness of God (‘in order that you may be filled to all the fullness of God‘. Christ  who is filled with the divine life fills Christians with it, {Col 2:9}, and in this way a Christian enters both the Church and the new cosmo {yet to be}).

Glory be to Him whose power, working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine; glory be to Him from generation to generation in the Church and in Christ Jesus for ever and ever. Amen.

Romans 8:37 NKJV we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

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May God unite His Spirit with ours and the fullness be realized in us.

God bless.


source and gratitude: TJB ~ The Jerusalem Bible used throughout; except in parentheses – NKJV https://www.biblegateway.com was used. (cf – cross reference)


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