podcast of faith / a heart problem

Be honest with yourself, and what’s in your heart for that eventually manifests in what you say and in your life…

this podcast below from Pastor Cliff Purcell called “Headwaters”, will enlighten your perspective on the matter.



Thank you for visiting 🙂

May our Lord direct your path and your heart to be honest within yourself and Him. so it may manifest outwardly.


sources and gratitude: Pastor Purcell for his uplifting message; and kdmanestreet who turned me on to him. Encourage you to visit both their sites. peace be with you!


  1. I definitely agree that what is in our hearts will manifest because it certainly has in my life. God showed me what was in my heart that wasn’t good and thank God he shows us mercy and grace as well as cleanses us.
    The podcast in your post certainly blessed me and made me even more grateful that God is the Godhead and still understand the human side of us as well.


    1. Amen! and Praise God!
      So glad it reached your heart 🙂

      His power cleanses us from who we were to become what and who we were meant to be with Him. It’s a wonderful gift of love Jesus gave/gives us. The challenge is to maintain the relationship and grow with Him, doing His will in our lives. Not always easy with distractions all around us, but with Him we can overcome the negative and stay positive in His grace.
      Pastor Purcell is gifted in being a good inspirational motivator who gets to the meaning of the Word.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving me your thoughts. May His grace continue to bless you and His peace surround you in everything you do.


    1. Glad it resonated with you 🙂 as it did with me. Praise God!

      How wonderful of you to visit speakers that inspire. When I’m away on vacation I too, like to visit churches that teach Scriptures. I apologize you were not able to visit His home site. Pastor Cliff Purcell is in the US; Lewiston, Idaho: http://firstnaz.com/home will give you the address and hopefully you can maneuver the site better. Happy travels!

      God bless you richly! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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