know the serpent’s cunning ways

The adversary, aka the serpent is cunning and a manipulative animal in getting his way. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has created a series of this crafty serpent’s schemes. ( )

The video below is an excerpt of his inspiring message. The warning signs to overcome the serpent a.k.a the adversary’s course of actions is by knowing how he strikes. Beginning with knowing “the Word of God” and keeping our focus on Yeshua/Jesus.

Jonathan Cahn
Originally Published on 18 Dec 2016

To get Jonathan Cahn’s full message go here: or to get in touch with Jonathan Cahn’s ministry, to receive more, including Free Gifts and Updates, or to be part in the Great Commission, go to: – or Jonathan Cahn Facebook:… – Or write to: Hope of the World, Box 1111, Lodi, NJ 07644 – To get Jonathan’s books The Paradigm, The Book of Mysteries, The Harbinger, & more just go online or off to wherever books are sold.

check out his YouTube channels – or

Thank you for visiting 🙂

God bless you with discernment to comprehend His message,
is my prayer in Jesus’ name, Amen.

sources and gratitude: Jonathan Cahn for his incredible message; YouTube for carrying it; visit Rabbi Cahn @ him by visiting his channel and Ministry; this video contents –


    1. Rabbi Cahn’s series is an eye opener of just how subtle and manipulating this creature can be. Glad you were able to ‘get’ its message 😊

      Thank you for stopping. God bless you always.🕊😇


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